Thinking about visiting Bursa for a few days and wondering what you can do while you’re here?

Based on its close proximity to Istanbul and similar Ottoman and Byzantine history, Turkey's northwestern city Bursa, on the coastline of Marmara Sea, is like the megacity's little sister. Situated opposite to Istanbul across the sea Marmara, Bursa is Turkey's fourth-largest city and Ottoman Empire's first capital. Once a backwater of the Byzantine Empire, this city has witnessed the fall and establishment of states having significance throughout history. Being on the Silk Road, which is the main trade destination that linked the East to the West, Bursa is at the core of the automotive industry in Turkey and not to mention the silk center of excellence. With its exquisite places dotted with history and also its modern buildings, Bursa is the living proof of the diverse cultures that existed on these soils. What makes Bursa so attractive is perhaps that it actually has no specific intention of being one of your everyday touristic destinations as all historical buildings and monuments are simply preserved at the center of the hustle and bustle of modern city life. Hence, while you roam the city's streets, you are taking walk through history at the same time. My journey to Bursa began with a ferry ride from Istanbul. It took around two hours to cross the Sea of Marmara with a mesmerizing view of Istanbul. I suggest you hop on a ferry, rather than taking a bus, because watching the landscape of Istanbul and Bursa through sea is priceless. The ferry will take you to Bursa's little seaside town Mudanya and from there you can take the subway to the city center. Every journey in Bursa starts at the Bursa Grand Mosque - built in the 14th century to resemble Seljuk architecture by the order of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I - because this massive historical site is considered the heart of the city. When you see the splendid mosque, you try to comprehend how such a monument was built in those times, and thus you will understand that Bursa was of great importance to the Ottoman Empire.

Grand Ulu Mosque of Bursa
Grand Ulu Mosque of Bursa Inside
Bursa Green Tomb
Bursa Uludag Cable Car
Uludag Cable Car
Olympus View
Skiing on Bursa Uludag Mountain
Bursa Uludag Olimpos Mountain
Bursa Kozahan
Cafe Under 600 Years Old Tree
Bursa Inkaya Tree
Ski-Run Bursa Olympus Mountain
Thinking about visiting Bursa for a few days and wondering what you can do while you’re here?

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You will see the Topkapi Palace where Ottoman Sultans lived, and the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque which built in 6. century.

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