Sights in Bursa

Uludag Mountain

Bursa Nature
The highest mountain of Marmara region Uludag Mountain high 2543 meters. Uludag is the biggest winter sport centre of Turkey. You can easily find many shop for rental ski equipment, then you can enjoy the snow of Uludag in the winter. In the summer y... Explore Uludag Mountain

Uludag Cable Car

Bursa View Point
Bursa Teleferik Cable Car is the best way to climb up to Uludag Mountain. You can see beautiful view of Bursa from the cable car while you climb up to Uludag Mountain.
There is 4 stations on the cable car line. First Station is in the Teferru... Explore Uludag Cable Car

Green Tomb

Bursa Tomb
One of the most known sight in Bursa; Green tomb was constructed by Çelebi Sultan Mehmed in 1421. The Green Tomb is the only structure of the Ottoman architecture which is whole walls lined with the tiles. Green Tomb’s architect is Hacı Ivaz Pash... Explore Green Tomb

Koza Han Silk Market

Bursa Shopping Center
Koza Han Silk Market built on the trade route between Europe and Asia to sell silk and silk fabrics by the order of ll. Beyazıt in 1491. Today still you can find best quality silk fabrics on the 2 floor of Koza Han. And on the ground floor there is ... Explore Koza Han Silk Market

Ulu Mosque

Bursa Mosque
Ulu Cami Mosque was constructed by the 4. Emperor of Ottoman Empire, Yıldırım Bayezid between 1396 - 1399. Ulu Cami Mosque shows early Ottoman Empire era architecture. It is the biggest sample of its type with its 20 domes. If you see the Ulu Cami... Explore Ulu Mosque

600 Years Old Tree

Bursa Nature
Rumor has it that the founder of Ottoman Empire Osman Bey saw a plane tree in his dream. The tree which was growing up from his breast was a sign new empire…
Ulu Çınar(İnkaya) Tree is a 600 years old Platanus Orientalis. It’s height is ... Explore 600 Years Old Tree