Let’s see where you should visit in Istanbul.

Istanbul is the city and one of the country's 81 provinces and takes place in Turkey. It is the most populous, economic, historical and socio-cultural most important city of the country. The city ranks 34th in the world in terms of economic greatness, the first in Europe according to the order of municipal boundaries and the sixth after Lagos in the world.
One of the oldest cities in the world, Istanbul was the capital of the Roman Empire between 330-395, the Byzantine Empire between 395-1204 and 1261-1453, the Latin Empire between 1204-1261 and the Ottoman Empire between 1453-1922.

Istanbul makes cultures together.

Capital of Ottoman Empire. Lines above you see Istanbul was the capital of other empires. For that reason you have a chance to see too many cultures’ structures together. Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire’s structure and culture are together. Let’s see where you should visit in Istanbul.

Daily sightseeing tour. Haghia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the most important monuments of the world's architectural history, survived to the present day; architecture, magnificence, size and functionality of the art world are an important place in terms of. The place was the largest church in the Eastern Roman Empire in Istanbul and was built three times in the same place. Megale Ekklesia means ‘Great church’ was the its first name and from the 5th century it was defined as Hagia Sophia (Sacred Wisdom). The place has served as the church/cathedral, the largest and the biggest church of the capital city, crowned by monarchs throughout the Byzantine Empire.

The Basilica Cistern, ‘Yerebatan Palace’

One of Istanbul's magnificent historical constructions is the Basilica Cistern was located on the south-west of Hagia Sophia. Byzantine emperor Justinian ordered to build it. This large underground cistern was named as the ‘Yerebatan Palace’ among the public due to the marble columns rising from the water and seen as countless.

Daily Bosphorus tours

The best way to explore the history and nature of the mega-city that Asia and the European continents are bound to each other is the Bosphorus tour.

The Topkapi Palace

The Topkapi Palace is the oldest of the palaces that have come to the present day. Ottoman Empire ruled the world here for 400 years. It is magnificent palace you should see. You need at least one day for only that palace.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is the oldest and largest covered bazaar in the world is located in the center of the city of Istanbul. Like a giant labyrinth, 60 streets, more than three shops and a covered bazaar.

The Spice Bazaar

It is located in Eminönü. The Spice Bazaar which is one of the oldest covered bazaars of Istanbul was built by Turhan Sultan in 1660. Too many spices and interesting Turkish products you can find here. In Istanbul you can find much more historical structures, mosques, churches etc. Sultanahmet mosque is known by everybody.

Istanbul Bosphorus View from Sky
Bosphorus Bridge View
dolmabahce palace enterence door
Hagia Sophia From Outside
Sultan Ahmet Mosque
Let’s see where you should visit in Istanbul.

Daily Istanbul Tours

Book Daily Istanbul Ottoman Relics Tour
Half Day - Afternoon Tour

Ottoman Relics Tour

You will see the Topkapi Palace where Ottoman Sultans lived, and the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque which built in 6. century.

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Most Beautiful Historical Places in Istanbul

St. Hagia Sophia

Istanbul Museum
Hagia Sophia is one of the most beautiful historical building in the Istanbul. It was constructed as a Byzantine Orthodox Cathedral between 532 - 537 AD by the order of Emperor Justinian I. Hagia Sophia had been used as an Orthodox Cathedral until 12... Explore St. Hagia Sophia

Topkapı Palace

Istanbul Museum
Topkapı Palace was built after the conquest of Istanbul by the order of Fatih The Conqueror in 1478 AD. The palace was used as Sultans major residence and it had been used for Ottoman rule for 380 years. Now, Topkapi Palace is one of the most popula... Explore Topkapı Palace

Grand Covered Bazaar

Istanbul Shopping Center
There was a small market in the same area in Byzantian era. In Ottoman era, the main part which named as Bedesten of Gems was built by the order of Fatih The Conqueror. From the Byzantian era to today, market has continue to become bigger. Now, The G... Explore Grand Covered Bazaar


Istanbul Historic District
Buyukada is the biggest island of lovely Prince’s Islands Archipelago. Its field is 5,4 square kilometers. Buyukada is a good option for an attractive day trip. It consists two hills. One of them is Hristos, which places in the north side of the is... Explore Buyukada