Bosphorus with City Walls and Spice Bazaar Tour

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Next Tour: 30.01.2023 Start: 08:00
Duration: 5 Hours End: 13:00
We will start to our tour with visiting Istanbul’s old city walls which was built by Byzantian Emparor II. Theodosius in 5. Century. Then we will go to sightseeing in Golden Horn by bus. Afterwards we’ll go to the Spice Bazaar. This area is a market place since the Byzantian term an last building built in 1660. There are a lot of shops in the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. Afterwards we will sail around the Bosphorus between the two continents, you’ll enjoy Istanbul’s amazing view. Last but not least we’ll go to the Rumeli Fortress which will be the last stop of our daily Istanbul tours. It has been built by Ottoman Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet before he conquered Istanbul in 1453.
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Egyptian Spice Bazaar From Outside
Egyptian Spice Bazaar's Street
Golden Horn and Marmara Sea
Golden Horn from Sky
Walls of Constantinople
Rumeli Fortress


Sights to See

Spice (Egyptian) Bazaar was built by an architect, Koca Kasım Ağa, by the ordered of Sultana Turhan in 1664 AD. Spice Bazaar is the second biggest closed bazaar in İstanbul after Grand Covered Bazaar. In Ottoman Empire era, most of the goods in Spice Bazaar was coming from Egypt. Therefore, the other name of Spice Bazaar is Egyptian Bazaar. Egyptian Bazaar has 85 shops that you can find the bes... Explore Spice Bazaar

The Golden Horn separates European side of İstanbul. Its shape looks like a horn. It is a kind of natural port. Golden Horn’s length is 7.5 kilometers (4.66 mi), and it has parks on both sides. On left side of golden horn, you are able to see attractions of old city of Istanbul.... Explore Golden Horn

Byzantine Old City Walls were built in Byzantine Empire era for the protect of the city of Constantinople by Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperor Constantine the Great. Then, second wall, Theodosian Walls, was made by the Emperor Theodosius II. in 5th century. Byzantine City Walls consist of 3 walls. They are Land Walls, Sea Walls and Theodosian Walls. Their total length is 22 kilometers.... Explore Byzantine City Walls

Rumeli Fortress was built to conquer the Constantinople by the Ottoman Emperor Fatih the Conqueror between 1451 and 1452. Rumeli Castle takes space in 30.000 spuare meters. It has 3 big towers. They are Saruca Pasha Tower, Zaganos Tower and Halil Pass Tower. Saruca Pasha Tower is in cylindrical form and it’s height is 28 meters. Zaganos Tower’s height is 21 meters. Halil Pasa Tower’s height ... Explore Rumeli Fortress