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Next Tour: 11.12.2022 Start: 13:00
Duration: 4 Hours End: 17:00
We will visit the famous old city of Istanbul with our professional tour guides. In the beginning you will see the Topkapı Palace where Ottoman Sultans lived. You’ll be amazed by the 86 carat Spoonmaker's Diamond and other Ottoman treasures, armours and weapons, Sultan’s caftans, carpets, porcelains in the Topkapı Palace during your visit. Then you will explore the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque.
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Adult: €35

Child: €25
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Little Hagia Sophia Mosque
Little Hagia Sophia Mosque Inside
Topkapi Palace Gate of Salutation
Topkapi Palace Harem


Topkapı Palace is closed on tuesday, it is replaced with Basilica Cistern.

Sights to See

Little Hagia Sophia was built between 527-536 AD by Byzantian Emparor Justinianos I and his wife. The monument’s name was Aya Sergios ve Bachos, which was used as a chuch in Byzantine era. It is known as oldest Byzantian building in Istanbul. The church was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire period by Sultan Beyazid II.... Explore Little Hagia Sophia

Topkapı Palace was built after the conquest of Istanbul by the order of Fatih The Conqueror in 1478 AD. The palace was used as Sultans major residence and it had been used for Ottoman rule for 380 years. Now, Topkapi Palace is one of the most popular tourist destination in Istanbul. Topkapı Palace takes space 80.000 square meters approximately. When you visit to Topkapı Palace Museum, you shoul... Explore Topkapı Palace