Pierre Loti and Cable Car with Bosphorus Cruise Tour

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Next Tour: 30.01.2023 Start: 13:00
Duration: 5 Hours End: 18:00
First we will go to sailing on the Bosphorus where the european continent and asian continent are connected. From there we will sail towards the Golden Horn. We will ride from Golden Horn to the top of Pierre Loti Hill by cable car. You can drink Turkish Coffee with an amazing view on Istanbul. Finally you will have free shopping time with group discount.
Adult: Children:
Adult: €35

Child: €25
You can pay Cash or by Credit Card
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Istanbul Bosphorus View from Sky
Bosphorus Houses
Golden Horn and Marmara Sea
Golden Horn from Sky
Golden Horn Islands from Pierre Loti Hill
Pierre Loti Hill View Evening
Istanbul View from Cable Car


Sights to See

Istanbul’s Bosphorus separates Asia Continent from Europe Continent and connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. There are three bridges on Bosphorus which connect Europe and Asia. You can watch the best Istanbul view and Maiden’s Tower during the boat tour.... Explore Bosphorus

The Golden Horn separates European side of İstanbul. Its shape looks like a horn. It is a kind of natural port. Golden Horn’s length is 7.5 kilometers (4.66 mi), and it has parks on both sides. On left side of golden horn, you are able to see attractions of old city of Istanbul.... Explore Golden Horn

Pierre Loti is a hill which has nice panoramic view of Golden Horn. It takes its name from well-known French novelist Pierre Loti, who lived in Istanbul. There are too many well decorated restaurants and cafes. Drinking coffee at Pierre Loti Hill with Golden Horn view should be added to your to do list in Istanbul. Additionally, going up to Pierre Loti Hill by cable car creates a nice memory for y... Explore Pierre Loti Hill

Climbing up to Pierre Loti by a cable car creates you an interesting time. On the cable car, you will cheer up, because you are going to feel like you can touch Golden Horn with your hands.... Explore Cable Car